Knife Materials Knife Materials ANTI-BACTERIAL - Some knife handles incorporate an anti-bacterial additive as an extra selling point to consumers concerned about home hygiene. Some cutting boards also incorporate a similar agent. C...Read More
Knife Tech Knife Tech BALANCE - The best knives have excellent balance; that is, a balance between the weight of the handle and the weight of the blade. The actual point of balance ought to be on the blade, just in front o...Read More
Knife Types Knife Types ALL-PURPOSE KNIFE - A versatile kitchen knife that can be used for a range of jobs, from slicing and chopping vegetables to trimming bacon fat, cutting meat and peeling fruit and vegetables. BONING K...Read More
Knife Accessories Knife Accessories BLADE GUARDS - The ideal way to store knives is in a purpose-designed block, knife roll or magnetic rack; but if they have to be stored in a cupboard drawer, or need to be transported from place to pl...Read More
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